Catering Equipment photos and prices-Canterbury Catering Hire

Equipment photos and prices

Gas oven and cooker

130+vat includes gas

Convection oven large

95.00+vat full gastro fan oven

Hot Cupboard

65.00+vat electric hot cupboard

Electric Fryer 5 litre

25.00+vat Buffalo fryer 2.8kw

Buffalo fryers

50.00+vat twin 5 litre fryers

Solid steel Barbecue

130.00+vat barbecue includes gas

Open top barbecue

130.00+vat barbecue includes gas

Solid top barbecue

130.00+vat size 102cm/64cm

Paella Set with gas

95.00+vat Paella pan set 90cm

Food warmer 9 litres

12.00+vat 48cm 29cm 6cm

Split food warmer

12.00+vat Split warmer with fuel

Food warmers

Food warmers with fuel gels

Twin hob top

25.00+vat Gas sold separately

Larder fridge

70.00+vat size 330 litres

Larder fridge

70.00+vat size 170/60/60cm

Beer bottle fridge

70.00+vat bottle fridge 180 units

Wine bottle fridge

55.00+vat holds 50 standard bottles

Medium Chest freezer

60.00+vat Capacity 300 litre

Small Box freezer

45.00+vat 60 litre capacity

Igloo cooler box 95 litre

20.00+vat holds 140 cans

Drinks pail galvanised

4.50+vat capacity 24 litres

Beer barrel large

7.50+vat capacity 80+ beer cans

30 litre Water urn

18.00+vat electric water boiler

Coffee Percolator

18.00+vat holds 16 litres

Coffee thermos pump

5.00+vat capacity 5 litres

Canteen tea pot

9.00+vat canteen pot 8 pints

Soup Chilli Kettle

18.00+vat food warmer 10 litres

Rice Steamer large

25.00+vat electric 30portions 15mins

Twin hob top

Pots hired separately

Plate mobile stand

45.00+vat holds 80 plates

Roasting tray 18 inches

4.00+vat size 46/36/5cm

Half gastronome tray

2.50+vat size 325/265/65mm

Full gastronome tray

4.00+vat size 530/325/65mm

Coat rail with 25 hangers


Pa Bluetooth speaker

38.00+vat includes microphone

Bluetooth music speaker

38.00+vat loud 160watt

Steel food platter 20inch

1.20+vat platter 500mm

Ex Large Steel platter

2.50+vat platter 660mm 460mm

Large tea cake stand

4.75+vat with 3 x 25cm plates

Small tea cake stand

4.00+vat with 3 x 20cm plates

Round cake stand

9.00+vat cake base 35cm

Square cake stand

9.00+vat cake base 35cm

Cup cake stand

9.00+vat cake stand 7 tiers

Cake stand

10.00+vat size 30cm23cm15cm