Rustic-Canterbury Catering Hire

Rustic furniture photos and prices

Rustic Crossback chairs

4.25+vat Crossback

Rustic table

Crossback chairs

Rustic folding chairs

2.70+vat Rustic folding

Rustic table and chairs

6ft Rustic table seats 6 people

Rustic wooden table

20.00+vat seat six people

Beige table runner

5.00+vat Beige cotton

Green table runner

5.00+vat Green cotton

Denim blue table runner

5.00+vat Denim cotton

Red table runner

5.00+vat Red cotton

Blue table runner

5.00+vat Olympic blue cotton

Natural table runner

5.00+vat Natural cotton

Rustic Furniture

Rustic wedding

Rustic furniture setting

Crossback chairs

Rustic setting ideas

Rustic furniture ideas

Rustic setting

Whitstable Beacon house

Rustic folding chairs

Heavy duty chairs

Crossback chairs

Rustic furniture ideas

Rustic Wedding

Rustic setting decorated by the bride

Drinks Pail

4.50+vat capacity 8 bottles

Beer barrel 7-50+vat

Wood effect beer storage 80 bottles

Crossback chair hire

Rustic folding chair

Strong antique style rustic chair

Rustic furniture