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China photos

12inch dinner plate @30p

Extra Large dinner plate @40p dirty return

11inch Dinner plate @20p

11inch dinner plate @30p dirty return

10inch Dinner plate @18p

10inch dinner plate @23p dirty return

9inch China plate @18p

9inch starter, dessert, cheese @23p dirty return

8inch China plate @18p

8inch starter, dessert, cheese @23p dirty return

6inch Side plate @18p

6inch roll or cake plate @23p dirty return

9inch Classic bowl @18p

Soup, chilli, curry, dessert @ 23p dirty return

China bowl @18p

Soup, dessert, chilli bowl @23p dirty return

Soup bowl @18p

4inch 14oz soup bowl @23p dirty return

7oz Cup and saucer @20p

Tea or coffee cup and saucer @30p dirty return

4oz Coffee cup and saucer @20p

4oz Expresso coffee cup & saucer @30p dirty return

White mug @25p

Coffee or tea mug @30p dirty return

Sugar bowl @35p

China sugar bowl @40p dirty return

Milk Cream jug @40p

Milk or cream jug @50p dirty return

12oz Gravy jug @90p

Gravy or sauce boat @1.00 dirty return

Tea or Coffee pot @1-50

36oz Tea or coffee pot @1.80 dirty return

Coffee Cafetiere @2-00

8 Cup Cafetiere @2.50 dirty return

Salad bowl @90p

10x3inch Salad bowl @1.00 dirty return

Olive Pickle dish @35p

7x4x1inch china dish @40p dirty return

Ramekin dish @35p

3inch x 1inch ramekin @40p dirty return

Butter dish @30p

65cmx35cm butter pot @40p dirty return

Salt and Pepper pots @ 1-00

Salt & Pepper pots @1.00 per set

Salt & Pepper ramekin @2-00

Sea flakes, cracked pepper ramekins @2.00 set

Salt flakes ramekin @1-00

Salt flakes ramekin dish @1-00

Pepper Mill @ 1-00

Pepper mill with pepper @1.00

Teak service tray @1-00

18x13inch Service clearing tray @1.00

Teak service tray @1-50

24x18inch Teak service clearing tray @1-50

Wicker basket @40p

12x3inch Wicker bread roll basket @40p

Thermos jug@1-50

1.8 litre Coffee, tea, water thermos @1.50

Thermos jug @1-50

1.8 litre Coffee, tea, water thermos @1.50

11inch Oval dish @90p

11x7x2 Oval salad or vegetables @1.00 dirty return

1pt Glass jug @50p

1pt Glass jug @60p return dirty