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Crockery prices and photos

12inch Dinner plate 45p

12inch White large plate 45p dirty return

12inch Rectangular plate 40p

12 x 7inch rectangular plate 40p dirty return

11inch Dinner plate 30p

11inch dinner plate 30p dirty return

10inch Dinner plate 25p

10inch White plate 25p dirty return

9inch Starter plate 23p

9inch Starter plate 23p dirty return

9inch Dessert plate 23p

9inch Dessert plate 23p dirty return

9inch Cheese plate 23p

9inch Cheese plate 23p dirty return

8inch Starter plate 23p

8inch Starter plate 23p dirty return

8inch Dessert plate 23p

8inch Dessert plate 23p dirty return

8inch Cheese plate 23p

8inch Cheese plate 23p dirty return

6inch Side plate 23p

6inch Roll-Cake plate 23p dirty return

9inch Classic bowl 25p

9inch Classic bowl 25p dirty return

9inch Curry bowl 23p

9inch Curry bowl 23p dirty return

6inch China bowl 23p

6 inch Dessert bowl 23p dirty return

Soup bowl 23p

4inch 14oz Soup bowl dirty return 23p

7oz Cup and saucer 30p

Tea or coffee cup-saucer 30p dirty return

4oz Cup and saucer 30p

4oz Expresso cup-saucer 30p

White mug 30p

Tea or coffee mug 30p dirty return

Sugar bowl 50p

Sugar bowl 50p dirty return

Milk-cream jug 50p

Milk-cream jug 50p dirty return

12oz Gravy jug 1-50

12oz Gravy-sauce jug 1.50 dirty return

36oz Tea pot 2-00

36oz Tea pot 2.00 dirty return

36oz Coffee pot 2-00

36oz Coffee pot 2.00 dirty return

China Salad bowl 1-00

10x7x3inch Salad bowl 1.00 dirty return

11inch Oval dish 1-00

11x7x2inch vegetable or Salad dish 1.00

Glass Salad bowl 1-00

9x4inch Glass salad or dessert bowl 1.00 dirty return

Oval Pickle dish 50p

7x4x1inch Pickle dish 50p dirty return

Wooden Platter 2-50

52cm-22cm 2.50 each

Tapas dish 40p

5inch Tapas dish 40p dirty return

Olive oil bottle 1-00

500ml Olive oil bottle 1.00

3inch Ramekin 35p

W3in D1inch Ramekin 35p dirty return

1pint Glass jug 60p

1pint Glass jug 60p dirty return

Butter dish 25p

Butter dish 25p dirty return

Salt and pepper mills

2.00 per set

Salt and Pepper 1-20

Salt and Pepper shakers 1.20 set

Pepper mill 1-00

Pepper mill with pepper 1.00 each

Wicker basket 40p

8 inch Wicker basket 40p

Wicker basket 50p

12x3inch wicker basket 50p

Coffee Cafetiere 2-50

8 Cup cafetiere 2.50 dirty return

Table stand 1-50

8inch Table number name stand 1.50 each

Thermos jug 3-50

1.8litre coffee tea water thermos 3.50

Thermos jug 3-50

1.8litre coffee tea water thermos 3.50

4 pint Tea pot 2-00

4 pint Steel tea pot 2.00 dirty return

Teak service tray 2-00

24x18inch Service clearing tray

Teak service tray 1-50

18x13inch Service clearing tray

Buffet Basket 10-00

27 inch Buffet basket bespoke 1 in stock

Buffet Basket 7-00

21 inch Buffet basket bespoke 1 in stock

Igloo cooler box 27-00

Large 95 litre capacity

Plate stand 50-00

Holds 80 china plates

China plates

White china plates all sizes