Gazebo Photos-Canterbury Catering Hire

Gazebo photos and prices

Garden gazebo 3m by 6m

with sides 180.00 plus vat

6m 6m Gazebo

with sides 300.00 plus vat


Our staff erect all gazebos

3m by 4-5m Gazebo

with sides

Gazebo cover

3m x 4-5m Gazebo

Gazebo roof canopy

18m 3m Roof canopy


6m x 4-5m Gazebo with sides


6m x 6m Gazebo with sides

3m by 12m Roof canopy

3m by 12m long open gazebo

Small gazebo

3m by 3m


6m by 6m Gazebo

With globe lights

6m by 6m Gazebo

with side panels

6 metre by 6 metre Gazebo

With 4 x 5ft Round tables

Halogen heaters

Heater style may vary water resistant

Gazebo roof canopy

9m length 3m wide

Gazebo 6m by 6m

All gazebos put up and taken down by us


6m by 6m

Event Dover Castle

Gazebo canopies