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All prices include laundry costs.
We kindly ask if you could avoid leaving table cloths in damp conditions.
We also advise if using candles on tables that the cloths are protected from wax spills.
Table linen returned with mould, wax, marker pen, crayon, burn holes, will be charged for at full replacement cost. 
Please see our full terms and conditions.

We are unable to provide linen only orders.
Thank you.

Round White Tablecloths

Round White tablecloth 120" for 6ft or 5 1/2ft round table £12.00 each
Round White tablecloth 108" for 5ft or 4ft round table £10.50 each
Round White tablecloth 90" for 3ft round table £10.00 each

Rectangular Tablecloths

White Rectangular tablecloth 70" x 108" for 6ft trestle table £10.50 each
Black Rectangular tablecloth 70" x 108" for 6ft trestle table £11.00 each

Square White Tablecloths
White Square tablecloth  90" x 90" £10.00
White Square tablecloth 70 "x 70" £8.00

Stretch Covers
White stretch chair cover £1.50 each
Black stretch chair cover £1.50 each
Black stretch poseur table cover £5.00 each
White stretch poseur table cover £5.00 each

Linen Napkins
White linen napkin £1.00 each
Ivory linen napkin £1.00 each
Navy Blue linen napkin £1.00 each
Grey linen napkin £1.00 each
Black linen napkin £1.00 each
Red linen napkin £1.00 each

White Serving Cloths 95p each