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Tablecloth hire
NOTE: We require at least 10 days notice for all linen orders

+5% Coloured tablecloths full range +5%
Black, Natual Cream, Pebble Grey, Arabian Sand
Honeycomb Gold, Sicilian Lemon, Manderine Orange, Autumn Orange
Cinnamon, Wild Truffle, Cocoa, Wild Raspberry, Pink Fuchsia
Poppy Red, Rose Blush, Forest Green, Olive, Mint Green, Sage Green
Royal Blue, Glacier Blue, Oxford Blue, Blue Heather, Summer Lavender

White Linen tablecloths

Round white tablecloths 

130" / 330cm Round white tablecloth for 6ft table to floor £12.60 + vat
120" / 305cm Round white tablecloth for 6ft and 5ft 6" table £11.00 + vat
110" / 279cm Round white tablecloth for 5ft and 4ft table £10.00 + vat
90" / 229cm Round white tablecloth for 3ft round table £9.80 + vat

Rectangular white tablecloths 
70" 108" / 178cm 274cm Rectangular white tablecloth for 6ft trestle table £9.50 + vat

Square white tablecloths

90"-90" /229cm Square white tablecloth £10.00+vat
70" 70" / 178cm Square white tablecloth £7.80 + vat

52" 52" / 132cm Square white tablecloth £6.50 + vat

White or Coloured Linen Napkins all £1.10 + vat
All matching tablecloth colours available.

Stretch Covers
White stretch chair cover £2.50 + vat
Black stretch chair cover £2.50 + vat
Black stretch poseur table cover £7.50 + vat
White stretch poseur table cover £7.50 + vat

White Serving Cloths £1.10 + vat