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Glass and bar prices and photos

Glass hire

Wine Water Hi ball

Champagne flutes x 24

Long stem flutes 210ml 7.00 per case

Champagne flutes x 35

35 Short stem flutes 125ml 8.95 per case

Wine glasses x 24

Wine glasses 340ml 7.00 per case

Wine glasses x 24

Wine glasses 250ml 7.00 case

Port glasses x 24

Port Sherry glasses 120ml 7.00 per case

Port glasses 4oz x 35

Port Sherry glasses 8.95 per case

Hi Ball glasses x 24

Hi Ball glasses 10oz 7.00 per case

Water tumblers x 24

Water tumblers 175ml 7.00 per case

Water tumblers x 35

Water tumblers 6oz 8.95 per case

Straight pint x 15

15 pint Beer glasses 4.50 per case

Whiskey rock x 24

Whiskey glasses 9oz 7.00 per case

Whiskey rock x 12

Whiskey glasses 9oz 3.50 per case

Martini glasses x 8

Martini glasses 10oz 5.00 per case

Shot glasses x 24

Boston shot glasses 2oz 6.00 per case

Water jugs x 6

Water jugs 1.3 litre 6.00 per case

Pimms Jug x 1

Water or Pimms jug 1.3 litre 1.00 each

1 Pint glass jug 1-00

Glass pint jug 1.00

Champagne and wine

All glasses cleaned free of charge

Wine Carafe 1-80

! Litre Wine Carafe 1.80

Acrylic wine cooler 1-80

Acrylic wine cooler 1-80

Steel Ice bucket 7-00

Large ice bucket 2x1kg bags 7.00

Champagne bucket 2-50

Champagne or Wine bucket 2-50

Bottle opener 40p

Cork and bottle opener 40p

Ice tongs 40p

Ice tongs 40p

Igloo Cooler Box 27-00

95 litre Cooler 145 cans capacity

Beer Barrel 20-00

Oak party beer barrel holds 70 cans

Beer bucket 4-00

Beer bucket 4.00

Non slip drink tray 1-80

14inch Non slip drink tray 1.80

Steel drink tray 1-50

14inch Service tray 1-50

Optic stand 8-00

6 Bottle optic stand

9inch Glass bowl 1-00

9x4inch Glass bowl 1-00 dirty return

Glass plate clip 12p

Plate clips for stem glasses 12p each

Water boiler 18-00

30 litre Water urn 18.00

Food Warmers

Chaffer food warmers for a hot buffet