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Have a great fun day during your event with some of these outdoor games
Indoor or Outdoor Garden Party Games to hire

Cornhole game with score board
Fun for everyone so easy to play great event game
4 corn bags per player throw on to the Cornhole board 3 points in the hole 1 point on the board
1st to reach 21 points exactly wins over 21 and back your score goes too 15
5.8metres standing distance to the board less for children

Buzz Wire
A test to see who has had too much to drink already
guide the rod around the wire maze without hitting the wire setting off the buzzer and light
a table is provided with this game

Giant Tumble Tower
Superb party game with large 8 inch x 2 inch pine blocks base provided can you balance this massive tower
the building of a tower over 4ft tall can be achieved
so please be careful with small children

Giant Score Four in a Row
Solid wood frame with brass fittings
Place the discs in to the top and get four in a row supplied with 36 wooden discs 

Kubb Outdoor Garden Game
Classic Swedish game Indian Rosewood Kubbspel for 2 to 6 players 
Knock over your opponents Kubbs and then the King Kubb
6m x 4 metre play area required see youtube for game demo

Grand Domino Tower
Solid walnut dominoes can be played the standard way on stacked on the tower provided
Snakes and ladders board
A replica 23inch table top board game on solid mahogany with the original 1800s art design
great for the adults and kids

Shove half penny

Traditional old table top pub game by knocking the half pennies up the board
and finishing first with all zones completed 

3D Noughts and crosses
Add a new dimension to this classic game tic tac toe with 3 levels of play
crafted on a solid pine base 

Shut The Box 15 Numbers Compendium
Another classic 19th century French game 3 dice can you shut the box
with all the correct number scores also comes with 5 house poker dice

Coming soon
Ladder golf game and Roller football game
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