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Hire Terms and Conditions


1. Hired equipment remains the property of Canterbury Catering Hire, the hirer is responsible for all hired equipment and containers throughout the hire period.

2. Prices quoted are for one weekdays hire or the full weekend only, unless agreed otherwise by prior arrangement. 

3. The hirer warrants that the person signing the delivery note is duly authorised to do so on behalf of the hirer and the person signing the delivery note warrants that he or she is authorised to sign on behalf of the hirer.

4. It is admitted that the person signing for the delivery of the hire items had the opportunity to inspect the hired equipment and confirm the equipment is received in good condition, queries on hire items must be notified immediately to Canterbury Catering Hire

5. All hired items must be packed into the containers provided prior to collection. No refunds will be given for unused hired equipment.

6. All equipment collected from our office address must be returned before midday on the due in date, a charge will be made for late returns of hired equipment.

7. All breakages and losses of equipment must be paid for at the current retail cost. We will not accept replacement items.

8. A charge will be made if any hired items have been taken to an address other than the place of the original delivery, unless prearranged and agreed by Canterbury Catering Hire.

9. TABLECLOTHS returned with Candle wax, Crayon, Pen, Marker pen, burn holes, chewing gum or unremovable stains will be charged for at full replacement cost. Table linens must be kept in dry conditions whilst on hire. Mould on table linens will be charged for. Do not pack wet tablecloths in bags.

10. All TABLECLOTHS must be shaken out after use please do not fold away tablecloths with food, flowers, confetti, or table decorations still inside as this can result in un removable staining which will be charged for.

11. WOODEN TABLES AND CHAIRS must be kept dry at all times. Please ensure wooden furniture is not left out in the rain or in damp conditions. Water damaged tables or chairs will be charged for at full replacement cost.

12. GLASSES. All used glassware to be returned back in our boxes in an upright position. Broken or cracked glasses will be charged for at full replacement cost.

13. GAZEBOS. No cooking inside gazebos. Gazebos must not be moved once pitched. No heaters to be attached to the gazebo frame. 

14. The hirer is fully responsible for the equipment and for insuring the equipment if necessary, from the time of acceptance to returning to our premises. No insurance is provided by Canterbury Catering Hire.

15. Deliveries are quoted from a hard standing adjacent to a main door, ground level entrance, unless pre-arranged. An additional charge will be imposed in respect of upper floor deliveries, and waiting time should the driver be delayed while attempting to affect a delivery or collection.

16. Canterbury Catering Hire will make every endeavour to effect delivery and collection at the times indicated by the hirer. No responsibility will be taken or refunds will be given if requested times are not met. We have the right to refuse delivery if we feel delivery to a venue is unsuitable for vehicle access.

17. Removal will be effected as soon as possible, but all equipment cannot be collected immediately after use from all sites. Canterbury Catering Hire is under no liability whatsoever for any injuries or damage to persons or property or loss of profit claimed by the hirer in respect of any interruptions, delays, inaccuracies, errors omissions or any failures to deliver or from the use of any equipment under hire.

18. Disclaimer” Canterbury Catering Hire will not accept any responsibility for any personal accidents, injury, damage or loss however arising by the use or misuse of the equipment whilst in the hirers care. It is the hirer’s responsibility to insure against accidents, loss and damage, including fire or theft.

19. If the hirer has any cause for complaint concerning the condition, suitability or performance of equipment hired, Canterbury Catering Hire should be notified immediately. No consideration for redress will be given to a grievance once the equipment has been used. Canterbury Catering Hire should be notified of the fault. No attempt should be made to repair the equipment unless express permission is granted by Canterbury Catering Hire.

20. Gas appliances should not be used below ground level, and only used in a well ventilated area. Gas regulators should only be disconnected by Canterbury Catering Hire staff.

22. Payments. The total hire balance must be completed in full within 20 days prior to your event date.

21. Cancellation of hire orders or removal of previously booked hire items within 6 weeks of the date of installation will be charged at 50% of the total hire cost.

22. Cancellation of hire orders or removal of previously booked hire items within 4 weeks of the date of installation, the full hire charge will be payable with no refunds.
23. An administation charge of £50.00 will be taken from all deposits for cancelled events prior to the dates above.

I have read and except these terms of hire.

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