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Gazebo photos

6m x 6m Full Gazebo

This is our 6mx6m Gazebo which is two 3mx6m frames joined

Chilham village hall

18m x 3m gazebo cover

Full gazebo

6metre x 6metre 19 1/2ft x 19 1/2ft

Gazebo 3metre x 4 1/2 metre

10ft x 14 5ft

Gazebo 6m x 6m

Two 3m x 3m Gazebos

These were set up for a 3k Run used to register the runners

Gazebo 3metre x 41/2metre

10ft x 14 1/2ft

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

Seating 10 people on a 5ft 6inch round table

Garden Event

Christening Event in Kent

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

Seating 10 people with 2 x 6ft trestle tables

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

With lighting and heating

Gazebo and Chairs

Christening Event in Kent

Patio heater

Halogen patio heaters two shown

Halogen Heater

Clamp on heater for gazebos

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

10ft x 10ft


Canopy for shade

Green GTEX Matting

Gazebo Canopy

With green matting

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

10ft x 10ft seating 10 people

Gazebo Shade

Wedding on Whitstable beach at Beacon House


Canopy for shade


Gazebo with one round 5ft6inch round table and ten chairs

Two 3m x 3m Gazebos

Two gazebos joined with gutters

Chatham 5K Run

This one was for the runners refreshments after their run

Seating 40 inside 6mx6m


Full sides

Gazebo Hire

Garden lunch



Green G tex matting

Two 3m x 6m Gazebos

These have been joined to make a 6m x 6m sealed unit seating for 40 guests

Giant Tumble Tower

Wooden Tower Game

Canterbury gazebo

this one was provided for an after wedding family party in the garden

Birthday Gazebo

fitted in the tightest spaces

Score Four Game

Wooden four in a row game

Gazebos Joined

Two 3m x 6m frames joined to make 6m x 6m fully waterproof

Gazebos joined

Joined Gazebos