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Gazebo photos

6m x 6m Full Gazebo

This is our 6mx6m Gazebo which is two 3mx6m frames joined

Chilham village hall

18m x 3m Gazebo canopies

6m x 6m Gazebo with sides

Set on garden patio

6m x 6m Gazebo

19 1/2ft x 19 1/2ft seating 40 people

Gazebo 3metre x 4 1/2 metre

10ft x 14 5ft seating 12 people

Gazebo 6m x 6m

9m x 6m Gazebo

Seating 54 people

Two 3m x 3m Gazebos

These were set up for a 3k Run used to register the runners

Gazebo 3metre x 41/2metre

10ft x 14 1/2ft

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

Seating 10 people on a 5ft 6inch round table

Garden Event

Christening Event in Kent

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

Seating 10 people with 2 x 6ft trestle tables

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

With lighting and heating

Gazebo and Chairs

Christening Event in Kent

Patio heater 40-00 each

Halogen patio heaters two shown

Halogen Heater 25-00

Clamp on heater for gazebos 25.00 each

9m x 3m Canopy shade

Canopy for shade all sizes

Green GTEX Matting

Light duty matting for gazebos

3m x 3m Gazebo canopy

Canopy shade green G-tex matting

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

10ft x 10ft seating 10 people

Gazebo Shade

Beacon House Whitstable 3m x 6m or 3m x 4.5m

6m x 3m Canopy shade

Canopy for shade 19.5ft x 10ft 100.00


Gazebo with one round 5ft6inch round table and ten chairs

Two 3m x 3m Gazebos

Two gazebos joined with gutters

Seating 40 - 6mx6m Gazebo

4 x 5ft 6in Round tables

Gazebo Hire

Garden lunch

Green G tex matting

Short grass or patio or decking

Two 3m x 6m Gazebos

Joined 6m x 6m sealed unit seating 40 guests

Giant Tumble Tower

Wooden Tower Game

Score Four Game

Wooden four in a row game

3 Canopies 18m x 3m

Large open hog roast event

3m x 3m Joined Gazebos

2 x 3m gazebos with gutters

Garden Gazebos

6m x 6m plus 6m x 3m full gazebos

Birthday 3m x 6m gazebo

Fully fitted gazebo with matting

Gazebo 3m x 6m

Anniversery party enclosed gazebo

9m x 3m Canopy Bar

Elham village hall wedding

Ramsgate harbour

Fitted on roof top patio

Gazebo 4-5m x 3m

Afternoon summer tea party

Gazebo 3m x 6m

Birthday party event

Catering tent

Set up for an event kitchen

2 x 3m x 3m Tents

Set for a festival weekend

Joined canopies with gutters

Chilham village hall Canterbury

Standing heaters

Halogen heater two shown

Garden gazebo

After wedding family party in the garden

Gazebo 3metre x 3metre

10ft x 10ft


Full sides

Chatham 5K Run

Set up for the runners refreshments

Gazebos Joined

Two 3m x 6m frames joined to make 6m x 6m fully waterproof

Birthday Gazebo

Fitted in the tightest spaces