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Steel chafing food warmer set 4 hour fuel 15.00
Steel chafing food warmer set (no fuel) fuel 10.00
Chaffer fuel 4 hour tin 2.50 each
Large canteen tea/coffee pot 8 pint capacity 7.00
Thermos coffee air pump pot 20 cup capacity 5.00
Thermos hot water air pump pot 20 cup capacity 5.00
Hot water boiler 30 litre capacity 15.00
Burco 16 litre Coffee Percolator 25 to 100 cups of fresh percolated coffee 20.00
Soup Kettle for soup chilli curry stew etc 10 litre 20.00
Steel Abraham coffee pot 2 pints 1.00
12 Cup Coffee Cafetiere 3.00
8 Cup Coffee cafetiere 2.00
4 Pint Steel tea pot 1.00

Steel cream/milk jug 5/10oz 40p
Steel sugar bowl 5/10oz 35p
14" Steel food platter 70p
18"\20" Steel oval food platter 1.00
26" Steel extra large oval Salmon platter 2.50

Steel round salad bowls 1.00
Steel drink tray round 14" 1.00
Steel sauce/gravy jug 6oz 70p
Steel oval vegetable dish 10" twin 80p
Steel round vegetable dish 10" triple 80p
Large aluminum cooking pot 5.00
Roasting tray aluminum 18" x 14" 3.00
Steel salmon kettle 23" x 6.5" 5.00
Steel cocktail shaker 3.00
Steel ice cream coup 20p

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