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Canterbury Catering Hire

Party Glass Hire
All hire glasses are cleaned free by us
just return them used and we will clean them for you at no extra cost


Elegant Glassware priced per case 

1 x Case 24 Elegant Champagne flutes 7oz/210ml           6.00 per case

1x Case 24 Elegant Wine glasses 9oz/250ml                   6.00 per case
1 x Case 24 Elegant Wine glasses 12oz/340ml                6.00 per case

1 x Case 24 4oz/120ml Elegant Port glasses                   6.00 per case
1 x Case 24 4oz/120ml Elegant Sherry glasses               6.00 per case
1 x Case 12 / 9oz Whiskey rock glasses                          3.60 per case


Standard Glassware priced per case

 1 x Case 35 Champagne flutes standard 125ml           7.50 per case
1 x Case 35 Small Water/Juice tumblers 6oz                 7.50 per case

1 x Case 24 Slim Jim/Hi ball glasses 10oz                    6.00 per case
1 x Case 24 Small Water/Juice tumblers 6oz                6.00 per case
1 x Case 15 Straight Beer glasses 1 pint                      4.00 per case
1 x Case x 6 Water or Pimms Jugs 1.3litre                   6.00 per case


Glassware Prices Per Glass
1 x Classic 10oz Martini glass 40p           per glass
1 x 120ml Elegant Port/Sherry glass 25p per glass
1 x Boston 2oz Shot glass 20p                per glass

1 x 2oz Elgin small Sherry glass        20p per glass
Plate Clips for holding stemmed glasses 12p each
Bottle opener cork screw                     50p each
Polished steel Wine or Champagne bucket 2.00 each
Large brushed steel ice bucket holds 2 bags of ice  5.00 each
Thermos 5 litre Coffee Pump Pot 5.00 each
Clear Acrylic Thermos Wine Cooler no ice needed 1.80

Coffee Cafeterias 1 litre 7/8 cup 2.50each
Steel 2 pint Coffee Pot              1.00 each
Steel 4 pint Tea pot                  1.00 each
Thermos 1.8 litre coffee server 1.50 each
Thermos 1.8 litre tea server     1.50 each

Glass Milk/Cream Jug 1 Pint - 60p each
Glass Water/Pimms Jug 1.3 litre - 1.00 each
Glass Salad Bowl Round 9"/4"-     1.00 each
Glass Ashtrays                              20p each 

Service Trays
Polished round 14" steel drink service tray 1.00 each
Non slip 14" Round drink service tray 1.00 each
Large 24"/18" teak service clearing tray 1.50 each
Small 18"/13" teak service clearing tray 1.00 each

Swivel Optic stand for up to 6 bottles 7.00
Plastic plate clips for stem glasses clip on to the side of a plate 12p each
Large 75 litre Garden plastic Beer Bucket 4.00

Igloo cooler box 95 litres capacity 145 x 12oz cans  30.00

50 litre roll top bullet waste bin ideal for bottles, rubbish or food during an event 5.00

Garden Gazebos for hire
Ideal as a Bar shelter

3m x 3m from 60.00
3m x 4.5m from 70.00
3m x 6m from 100.00

Email enquiries: menu7@hotmail.co.uk
Office enquiries: 01227 369534


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